Tips To Unlock Your iPhone Using Different SIM?


If your iPhone was locked, while you have forgotten the password of your carrier lock and you would like to use that phone with different SIM. Then it will be difficult for you to unlock the phone. You can unlock the phone using the same SIM service only. While if you would like to switch carrier. Then here are given some tips which you can use to unlock your iPhone device.


You should contact your previous SIM provider

In such cases, the direct way to unlock is to call the carrier who’s SIM has been inserted in the iPhone. They will ask you some of your details which you need to fulfill and after that, you need to follow some instructions to unlock your iPhone device. While that process can be a bit complicated sometimes and it will be difficult for you to follow all the instruction and in the end you might not be able to unlock your phone.


Use other SIM card

R-SIM supreme
R-SIM supreme

Instead of the first method, if you cannot be able to process the information from your previous SIM.  Then you can use other SIM carrier to unlock your phone. You need to remove the old SIM card and insert a new SIM card and by using the setup service you can reset the password.

While it is not necessary that a new SIM will help you to unlock your phone again. It might not work with your iPhone. In case, you can use R-SIM supreme SIM in your mobile. Using which you can easily access the setting of your iPhone for resetting your password.


Don’t have another SIM

While you do not have another SIM now, but you have the backup data of iPhone in your Mac system. Then you should erase all the setting of your iPhone and after that, you can use another SIM in your iPhone whenever you want.


For more information about the facts related to iPhone devices, you can also take help from the Siri or you should ask for the consultation of the customer care services. Only compatible SIM can be supported in the iPhone that is why you need to make a good choice to get a SIM using which you can easily unlock your iPhone device. In case a SIM is not supported on the device it will show the message on the iTunes. While in some cases resetting the data can be helpful also but you need to have the backup data with you otherwise all the information would be lost.

What Are The Things You Should Know Before Buying A Drone?


It is true that shopping of drone is altogether a quite different experience from purchasing other things from the market. Because drone is not something that people often buy. However, people are buying helicopter drone kit nowadays without any perplexity in their minds.

Buying a drone helicopter is not a child’s play. If you are going to buy it for the very first time then you need some sort of guidance and expert advice. Unless there are chances that you may end-up buying drone that is not perfect as per your usage. In this article, we are going to talk about the things that you have to know before buying a drone helicopter. Here they are-

helicopter drone kit

Words to look for

Before start shopping for a drone you have to get familiar with the terminologies related to the drone. Unless you may become confused while buying a drone. Because different drone have some sort of different terminology and acronym like

  • RTF stands for ready-to-fly
  • FRV full name is the first-person video.
  • ARF stands for almost ready-to-fly.
  • BNF refers to bind-to-fly.
  • LiPo stands for lithium polymer. It is a material from which most of the drone batteries are made of.

The title of different types of drones may mislead you while buying. So it is important to grab some basic knowledge about different type of drone before purchasing it.

Drone Registration

According to the FAA that stands for Federal Aviation Administration signifies drones as the Unmanned Aircraft systems that require registration if it weighs more than 0.55 pounds and less than 55 pounds. Making the drone register is quite hassle-free as it is easy-to-afford and valid for almost three years. After this, you get a unique identification number which must always be displayed on the screen of your drone.

Age limit

You have to at least 13 years old for the registration of a drone. If you are younger than 13 years than you are not legally authorized for the registration of drone. It is a very important thing that you have to keep into count before buying a drone.

Right mobile device

Most of the drones are controlled by mobile devices instead of a particular type of drone controllers. This thing is really convenient at the time when you have an updated mobile device with you. It is better if you find that drone software that works best with all the new types of smartphones.

These are the things that you have to know before buying a drone helicopter. I am sure if you seriously refer the above points before purchasing then you surely end-up finding the best drone helicopter for yourself.



Drone devices have attained a great popularity in the recent years. More and more people are looking forward to owning one such device. Drone is currently in trend because people have observed some of the most innovative uses of drones nowadays. In this blog, I have listed some of the popular uses of drones due to which many modern firms as well as people also are utilizing it efficiently

Military Applications

  • Bomb Detection

Due to the small sizes of drones, they are utilized by the military officers for the purpose of bomb detection. They can penetrate the restricted places as well and make us cognizant about the live bombs in a particular area. This helps the officers to save the lives of many innocent people with an ease.

  • Surveillance

The guard of any nation generally tends to lead consistent inspections with a specific end goal to guarantee the security of the general population and the place. Utilizing one of the good quality video drones, for this situation, could be a fascinating thought. Before, all this work was done manually and required alot of labor. With drones, it has now become quite easy to get a wider coverage of the area and thus does not impede the livelihood of people.

good quality video drones
  • Air Strikes

The drone devices are also been utilized for the purpose of conducting air strikes. They fly around the supposed regions, as controlled by the protection staff and they can be worked in specific regions with a specific end goal to satisfy various military activities.

Non-Military Applications

  • Filming & Journalism

The universe of media has truly vanquished utilizing automatons to their fullest degree. A considerable measure of films nowadays is shot utilizing quadcopters and different automatons. Drones are also utilized in the field of journalism also. The places where the reporter cannot reach, drones are sent to record the live footage.

  • Shipping & Delivery

Despite the fact that the transportation and conveyance uses of the automatons are still under process, this thought could be subversive for the world. This could altogether enhance conveyance times and decrease human work. Letters, Pizzas and other parcels could be delivered to the people effortlessly by the automated drones.

  • Disaster Management

A standout amongst the most critical applications for the drones lies in a catastrophe administration. With quality cameras, these gadgets could gather data and photos of the detritus working in a particular territory. You would get clearer recordings of the affected area without spending a considerable measure of cash on helicopters.


These were some of the awesome benefits of drone technology. If you find these points convincing enough, you can check various places online and buy a drone for yourself!

How Can You Check And Hide Your IP Address?


Securing your IP address should be your first priority these days. If your IP is not hidden or well protected than anyone can use it against you. Any hacker can access it easily. You can hide the IP address for the public and keep it secure. Read all the information carefully and secure your IP address.

Check your IP address

First and foremost thing to do is to check your IP address and look whether it is showing your original IP address or not. Just type my ip location and see if it is showing your original location and IP. If it is showing your original Ip than you need to secure it.

my ip location
my ip location

How can you secure your IP address?

There are many ways in which you can protect your IP address. Following are some of the important ways that you can adopt or implement to do a safe surfing. Try to understand and implement it.

  • You can use the Proxy server

In this method, an anonymous proxy server is used which acts as an intermediary between the user network and the internet. These days you can find the plenty of sites that provide the anonymous server for your use and sends the query on your behalf to the other sites for your browsing.

This is a manual process in which you are provided with the credentials by the site you are using of proxy. After getting the credentials, do the changes in your IP address and apply it.

  • You can use Virtual Private network

Virtual Private Network is the service which provides a public IP address for different locations which will send and receive queries on your behalf.  You can use different IP’s for a different location, it is one of the secure ways, which people use these days.

  • Other Internet privacy tools

Whatever browser you are using all the browsers have some inbuilt features which increase the privacy of your connection and makes the browsing secure. Some browsers have don’t track features which you switch on in the settings. You can also use incognito while browsing. Or search for any other alternative tools which are present online for your use.

Wrapping it up

These are some of the tips and steps which you can follow for securing your connection and browsing. To check your IP whether it is changed or not you can type my Ip location and check it. If you are successful in doing the changes then it will show the new Ip address. You can use any of the Options from the above and do a safe browsing.

What Are The Reasons To Convert Youtube Videos Into MP3 Format?


Youtube offers the wide range of videos that you can enjoy to the fullest. But as you all know that the platform does not provide the option of downloading the videos. You can only share the link of the respective videos. However, if you manage to download the videos you can only able to watch it at the high definition gadgets like tablets which are quite costly to afford. But there are many applications like video to mp3 converters that allow us to enjoy the Youtube videos into audio format. These applications are very affordable and convenient to use.

Apart from all this, there are also many other reasons behind the conversion of Youtube videos into an audio mp3 format. So just take a look!

Access more and more contents-

First of all, you can convert tons of videos into an audio format of high quality and can save it on your device. The other advantage of it is that these files does not cover more so you can now store more content in your device without using much memory space. As we know that video content takes more memory space as compared to that of audio content.

Quick access to different devices-

The other foremost advantage of doing this conversion is that MP3 file format is easily acceptable in different devices. You can use it on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computer system, audio player, MP4 player and many more. There is no need to go through the complicated processes of conversions. It is very beneficial to use in your daily.

video to mp3 converter

Ease in sharing-

It is very obvious that you can share MP3 files very easily because of their low size. You do not have to wait for minutes to send a single file. It is a very quick process. Like if you want to hear the lecture that your teacher uploaded on the Youtube then you can easily in a jiffy download and hear it.

You can use it for professional things-

These audio files are also useful in many business related works. The usage of MP3 is not only limited to listening to music you can also use it in the same way for lectures, interviews, seminars, workshops and many more professional events.

Instant and quick accessibility-

As we all know that while hearing music we have to just click a single button. But this is not the same in the case of videos. Sometimes on Youtube you have to wait for minutes when buffering takes place that completely depends on the strength of the network.

These are some of the solid reasons that prove the benefit of conversion of Youtube videos into MP3 format. You can somehow manage to download the Youtube videos but they are not supported by all devices.

Are You Trying To Make An Impressive Social Media Presence?


If you really want to find out how you can make an impressive social media presence than you are already one step ahead of many people to achieve greatness in your field. Today it’s not enough to just have a website for your brands. You also need an impressive social media identity to get and contact your customers. Let’s see how you can make an impressive social media presence.

  • Build a social media strategy

    Upleap Reviews

It’s really important for you to create a social media strategy if you have created a social media account for your brand or to achieve something. Plan everything from content creation to customer satisfaction. Use business tools for a better strategy and remember whatever you do the result should provide you a good sale.

  • Make your audience your customers

If you really want to make customers than you have to understand your audience and engage with them to know whether they are interested in your theme or not. Choose a proper social media platform for your niche and find out which social media has the best number of active users in your area.

  • Identify yourself and theme of your account

Know your importance and identify your potentials and work on your weaknesses. Tell your audience about you and your brand become friendly. Identify a theme for your account and follow it throughout.

  • Be yourself on social media

Don’t get over excited or nervous about creating the content or connecting with your audience, always be yourself because it will not work all the time. Make your brand and yourself famous, be a brand let people identify your brand from you. It is a great responsibility, so do everything wisely.

  • Always stay active on social media

Don’t depend on a single platform to get your customers or publicize yourself. Use one or two similar platforms which will be suitable for your brand, Try to stay active all the time and engage with your audience. You can also hire a professional to maintain your account. Use any of the sites to get someone for your account. You can also look Upleap Review and find one. Upleap Review will provide you with all the important information you need.

  • Know when to sell

Don’t sell your things all the time as people are not on the social media to buy your things you can suggest them for something but posting too much ad content will not help. Try a balanced approach and know when to sell.

This is how you can make an impressive social presence. Follow all the points and understand the importance of social media. All this will help you to do great on social media platforms.

Is E-Cigarettes A Good Alternative to Cigarettes?


Caution “Smoking is injurious to Health”. Smoking is bad. Smoking causes Cancer. Smoking Kills. Perhaps the most common advisory we come across anywhere we go. From Television, Movies, Public Places etc. Still people overlook it despite the warnings. For some it’s just a way to show Maturity. For some it’s a style statement. Despite having serious repercussions, people do it. Billions of Cigarettes is sold every day. Banning it would create chaos. Government would lose a good source of revenue. For some it has become a basic necessity of life. So Why not promote it? Why not make it a part of everyone’s life? Am I kidding? No, I am not. In fact there is a good alternative available to it. An alternative that is safe and gives the same feel of Smoke. E-Cigarettes a good substitute to T-Cigarettes. E-Cigarettes also referred as “Vaping”.There are various types of E-cigarettes available like, Juul, which are available in various good flavors. Although Health Risks in E-Cigarettes are uncertain. Still it is safer than T-Cigarettes. E-Cigarette is already on the rise. There are over 500 Brands of E-Cigarettes with the global sales in excess of US $7 Billion. E-Cigarettes are slowly converting the smoking habits of people. First introduced in 2003, Vaping device has been evolving since then. From Cig-A-Like Vaping to Pod-Mods.

Benefits of Vaping over Smoking

  • It contains less harmful chemicals as compared T-Cigarettes.
  • It saves from various harmful diseases like Cancer, Respiratory diseases and other Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Due to less Nicotine Content it is not very addictive.
  • Many Cigarettes smoker takes Vaping as a first step towards quitting the habit of smoking.
  • It comes with a variety of flavors as compared to Cigarettes which only comes with tobacco.
  • Vaping fumes are odorless or have pleasant aroma.
  • It Saves Environment.
  • Unlike T-Cigarettes, Vaping can be done in public places.
  • No Need to Carry an Ashtray since it leaves no residue.
  • Less harmful for others unlike T-Cigarettes.
  • Small & Easy to carry.
  • No Need to buy the packs every day.

Demerits Of Vaping

  • “Excess of anything is bad”. Since it is an alternative to smoking, it produces chemicals which if taken in excess may affect the health.
  • Vap Machines use battery to produce smoke so there may be a risk of battery explosion.
  • To a Smoker it cannot give the same level of satisfaction.
  • Cheap quality vaping devices are also available.


Concluding the article I can say that we have witnessed a huge change in the pattern of smoking but not the habit. Smoking is harmful but for some people it remains a habit so a new kind of smoking or substitute will save Chain-Smokers from various health related issues. E-Cigarettes are definitely one of ways through which a Chain-Smokers can definitely alter their habits.

A Vapers Guide To Have Ultimate Throat Hit


Throat hit is considered to be one of the very important factor while vaping. You can get a good throat hit by consuming nicotine. It depends on you whether you need harsh or smooth throat hit and adjusts your requirements likewise. If you are willing to have a stronger throat hit then, here are some beneficial tips for you, which include:

Higher Nicotine Juice:


The amount of nicotine in the e-juices are considered to be the main reason to influence your throat hit. It gives you a groggy and hefty throat. When you will try having high nicotine e-juices, it helps you to switch from normal smoking. Out of all these, you can try out Phix which is the best vaping tool and help you to get the best ever experience.

Higher PG blend:

Another well-known factor, which is to be considered to play a lead role in throat hit, i.e. PG/VG ratio. PG produces more throat hit compared to VG. As VG suits the best for people who love to enjoy a smooth hit. Nicotine gives a powerful impact on the throat and the PG helps to give a sharper bust to make it a little punchier.

Increase the temperature:

The power of your vape has a great impact on your throat. This is mainly concerned for the people who use temperature control e-cigar mods. You will only experience the powerful throat hit, especially when you manage the power settings. The warm air helps to turn up the power and will give an ultimate experience.

Consume citrus juices:

The variation of the flavors is also considered to be one of the important factors when it comes to experiencing a  strong hit of the throat. Although each vaping pods have some unique flavors, when it comes to Phix, the best flavors include Menthol, Citrus Flavors, Dessert flavors, etc. If you are planning to try gentle throat hit, then you can try flavors like dark coffee, fruit, bakery favors, etc.

Decrease the air-flow:

Airflow settings are generally the minor ones, but to enhance your experience you need to take care of each and every specification. The basic key rule of airflow settings includes, you should have a tighter airflow setting to experience a stronger hit, as if it is loose, then it will give allow your vapors will be less concentrated.


Having good throat hits not only helps you to move away from smoking, it helps to enhance your experience of vaping. Give it a try, make sure to take in all the points while choosing the best vaping tools for you.



A proxy server is a kind of server which allows establishing an indirect connection to other locations and services with your PC or mobile device.  Different types of the proxy server have the different role to play. They are used according to their functions. The proxy server is capable of filtering traffic and give you a secure connection to another network while keeping your PC and internet protocol address anonymous most of the time.

There are many advantages of using a proxy server including it increases the speed of the browsing activity by caching web pages, surfing of the internet becomes unlimited, provides enhanced security. There are different types of proxy servers available in the market, some of which are-

SSL Proxy-

Private Proxies
Private Proxies

The full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer. It is a kind of protocol which is used to protect your data during transmission. It is usually used when you execute a transaction. It is symbolized by the padlock icon you typically see on the next to the URL address in the top your browser window. It also symbolized by, not as https.

FTP proxy-

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is generally used when you upload data to the server. It is one of the best servers for enhancing your security at the time of uploading different files to the server. A good example of how FTP works are when you create a website. In order to make the website visible to others you make a connection with the server reserved space and then upload the folders to the server.

HTTP proxy-

The full form of HTTP is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is mostly used for the caching of web pages and files which allows you to access them faster.  You usually type HTTP in a URL because you want to search the website address in the cache. If the address of the website is located then it will return the website to you immediately without waiting for download.

SOCKS proxy-

SOCKS stand for SOCKets. It is usually used during the transmission of network packets between the client and the server. The SOCKS proxy request originates from the firewall using SOCKS protocol and then the network communicates with the SOCKS server.

Anonymous proxy-

The function of this server is completely identical with its name. It is always used when privacy is the only concern. It protects your privacy by hiding your internet protocol address from the website owner. An anonymous Proxy is capable of eliminating cookies which track your activity and pop-up advertisements that can be annoying as well as dangerous for your system. It is also known private proxy server which provides private proxies.

There are different types of proxy servers built for different purposes. Each of them has their own advantages. The selection of the proxy server is directly in touch with your needs.

Things To Consider Before A Cryptocurrency Exchange

Things To Consider Before A Cryptocurrency Exchange

This is the age of crypto mania, where everybody is behind crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Dash and Dogecoin. So regardless of your experience over here, there are some very important things you need to consider as you choose to do a crypto exchange. As you read through you will find out some interesting benefits of using cryptocurrencies.

Authenticity And Security

You should always make sure that you are using a legitimate and secure platform for currency exchange. Secure exchanges, is what we all like to do, and we will not only carry on to exchange on such platforms, but also choose to appreciate and suggest such safe and genuine platforms to others too.

Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 2018
Best Cryptocurrency To Invest 2018

Method Of Payment

This actually varies widely between platforms. Some requires bank transfers, while some others require use of Paypal, some accept credit or debit cards, while some others use cryptocurrencies as well. If you have no cryptocurrencies by your side, before joining an exchange, then that is what is most required first. So initially your goal will be to enter the market, and for this you have to search for an exchange platform, which accepts fiat currencies.

User Interface And Experience

As a cryptocurrency investor, one of the main important aspects is the user experience and interface, which you should really consider about. User experience is actually subjective, and keeps varying as well. It depends based on use to user.

Some Reasons Why You Should Go For Them

Stay Away From Frauds

When this is done, actually all data will get into a public ledger. All identities of coin owners will be stored in an encrypted format, in order to protect the confidential data. These currencies are decentralized, so you actually own it, and not any government or agency.

Instant Settlements

The cryptocurrencies are so powerful and valuable, because of the existence of blockchain. Things begin to work super fast here, and also all you need for this is a smart device, with good quality assured internet connection.


There are many people using the Internet, without having the right to access or use the traditional exchange systems.

Identity Theft

These systems make sure that all transactions that occur within digital wallets are safe and secure. The public ledger in which all confidential data is being stored, is also referred to as the transaction blockchain. They ensure secure digital transaction through various forms of encryption.

The cryptocurrencies are sure to be the next big thing, as they are already on trend. This will be the form of payment for all future transactions. So get hold of it now, and experience how it feels like to use them. Find out the best cryptocurrency to invest 2018, and then go ahead on using them, for your exchanges as well.