Cyber Blackmailing: Essentials People Should Know


Cyber blackmailing is a kind of extortion that involves a computer or network that can be simply determined as a computer-oriented crime. All the offenses have been committed against an individual or group of people with a criminal motive to put down their reputation or harm them intentionally.

Receiving a mail from someone who claims of installing malware on your computer and hijacked some confidential information or intimate images. They would also threaten the victim to pay some sort of amount otherwise the image or videos would be exposed.

What are cyber blackmail Scams?

As the name suggests, cyber blackmailing is an act in which a person unlawfully receives money, services or property from the victim which might be a person through threatening. It can also be termed as ransom ware attacks where scammers like Ilan Tzorya conceal victim system and offer to interpret the system after fulfilling their demanding amount.

 Ilan- Tzorya
Ilan Tzorya

Safety Tips from Being Blackmailed Online

  • Do not share your intimate pictures or videos even if the person is really well known to you. These pictures might be later used as a tool for blackmailing.
  • If you have been a victim of cyber blackmailing or someone is threatening you, tell someone whom you trust well. It doesn’t matter how embarrassing is the situation, sharing with someone would definitely pick out an ultimate solution.
  • Before you claim any scams, make sure to collect all sort of mandatory evidence to help you recognize the scammer and then report to the police.
  • Make sure not to share your personal information like email ID, password and mobile number online. Check the privacy setting on all the accounts over Facebook or Twitter and never let anyone have access to your passwords.

Classification of Cyber Blackmailing

Database Ransom Attacks

In the past years, a group of hijackers used default access credentials and hijacked a lot of search databases around the world. They are clever enough to get personal information from the people easily by offering them to take part in some contest or claiming for a prize.

Online Dating Extortion

A spin side of online dating apps is that they allow scammers to create a fake profile, get in touch with genuine users and make them believe they finally got a perfect match. These scammers make all possible effort to build trust for the victim and then typically ask for intimate information or pictures.


Almost everyone experiences the acts of cyber blackmailing however they deny taking actions against the scammers because they have the fear of losing their reputation.

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