Tips To Unlock Your iPhone Using Different SIM?


If your iPhone was locked, while you have forgotten the password of your carrier lock and you would like to use that phone with different SIM. Then it will be difficult for you to unlock the phone. You can unlock the phone using the same SIM service only. While if you would like to switch carrier. Then here are given some tips which you can use to unlock your iPhone device.


You should contact your previous SIM provider

In such cases, the direct way to unlock is to call the carrier who’s SIM has been inserted in the iPhone. They will ask you some of your details which you need to fulfill and after that, you need to follow some instructions to unlock your iPhone device. While that process can be a bit complicated sometimes and it will be difficult for you to follow all the instruction and in the end you might not be able to unlock your phone.


Use other SIM card

R-SIM supreme
R-SIM supreme

Instead of the first method, if you cannot be able to process the information from your previous SIM.  Then you can use other SIM carrier to unlock your phone. You need to remove the old SIM card and insert a new SIM card and by using the setup service you can reset the password.

While it is not necessary that a new SIM will help you to unlock your phone again. It might not work with your iPhone. In case, you can use R-SIM supreme SIM in your mobile. Using which you can easily access the setting of your iPhone for resetting your password.


Don’t have another SIM

While you do not have another SIM now, but you have the backup data of iPhone in your Mac system. Then you should erase all the setting of your iPhone and after that, you can use another SIM in your iPhone whenever you want.


For more information about the facts related to iPhone devices, you can also take help from the Siri or you should ask for the consultation of the customer care services. Only compatible SIM can be supported in the iPhone that is why you need to make a good choice to get a SIM using which you can easily unlock your iPhone device. In case a SIM is not supported on the device it will show the message on the iTunes. While in some cases resetting the data can be helpful also but you need to have the backup data with you otherwise all the information would be lost.

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